Libra Justice, Year Justice: September 23 to October 22

“lessons for young lawyers”
first forget what you were taught
all that education that you bought
but a ticket for this single chance
to see if you can try to dance
irrelevant each and every grade
an attorney’s job is to persuade
inherent flaws are found in youth
black and white is yet the truth
the pendulum will continue to sway
everything always, shades of gray
yet here you are, about to start
new associates, same dark art.
so listen close, again I sing
you don’t know a fucking thing
want to last as long as me
then memorize this melody
a yes is a more dangerous no
learning curves are steep, go slow
and my standards might be unjust
i will not mentor if i don’t trust
Every lawyer is a different breed,
do you understand what i need
stop, flattery hurts my ears
i, confirming all your fears
correct, this life is way too hard
go ahead, play that card
leave the table before dawn
taking not one single pawn
perhaps you prefer the koolaid
work real hard, get real paid
money is not enough to stay
4:25 a.m. another tuesday
you soon lose the need for sleep
shallow water will turn deep
warning, this is not a game
winners have no need for blame
no inventory here, nothing to stock
artists who argue, lawyers who clock
this is not a career many can do
turn around, try something new
i cut my teeth on sacrifice
working working twice ex-wife
balance on a ball and win
a life of unrelenting spin
make decisions, forward move
never ask me to approve
and all of you i let pretend
that i am acting as a friend
odds are that you will fail
little pebbles, sliding scale
there is no whisper, no hand shake
its how you bend, not how you break
years might pass, us at a draw
i always always find the flaw
insecurity that you try to hide
translates as but shallow pride
justice was never ever blind
don’t pretend that she is kind
there is just one simple rule
admit that you are but a fool
and for those who cannot say why
take a chance, sell me a lie
everything is within reach
i practice law, i do not teach
doubt can exist without denial
jury of one, forever on trial
did you listen to what i taught
twenty four years is not a lot
do i need to know each name
when every question is the same
what is it that has made me stay
work work work, little play
response covered under snow
this is the only world i know
my mind moves way too fast
i have no passion for the past
no such thing objective right
better fighters win the fight
words convince, magical reveal
i take the hand before the deal
why not ask what is real?
i might not think, i might just feel
perhaps some kid from yale this fall
if i need answers, who can i call
or maybe its you, you who is still whole
lawyer to respect, and not just control
you want to know if i made the right choice
later vodka drowns out your voice
who can write this tricky cross
poet, lawyer, student, boss

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