Jen has been reading tarot cards for over three years.   A trial attorney and partner at a major US law firm for twenty years, in 2018 moved to the Caribbean to follow a new path--one of self-healing and creative arts.  Using her lawyer skills, she conducted extensive research into the history of tarot, reading countless books on the intersection between tarot, creativity, spirituality, mythology, astrology, psychology, and philosophy.  In short, the tarot is a pictorial representation of the full spectrum of human emotions, instincts, experiences, and thought--everything is connected.   

Her unique approach to tarot is multi-disciplinary as a result.  It is her philosophy that the tarot cards reflect the archetypes of the collective subconscious and the hieroglyphics of the soul.   Reading cards with Jen is about making connections with the parts of yourself that might be unexplored.  It brings to light different ways of looking at situations and circumstances and allows for true growth and self-reflection by connecting into the universal images and analysis that each card represents.  

A reading with Jen will provide clarity by drawing correlations between the cards, the birth chart, and the calendar.   Whether you sign up for one reading or a series, Jen will be able to provide guidance on new ways for you to consider navigating energy in our ever-shifting world.